The Latest Release of TMS7 is Packed with New Features

Over the last three years, TMS7 has quickly become a favored terminal management system amongst terminals for the power, efficiency, security, and reliability it provides. One of the most prized aspects of TMS7 is the fast, easy upgrades which allow terminals to enjoy the newest features and benefits of their automation system. Toptech Systems recently released the latest TMS7 upgrade for customers to enjoy, 7.4. This new version is packed with more features and enhancements than ever before. Here are just 9 of the exciting new features:

  1. Stock Reconciliation Module

A comprehensive set of enhancements that makes it easier for Terminal Owners to manage stock reconciliation across a large number of product-owners. This module aggregates Gain/Loss data and provides a solution to disperse quantities among suppliers. Users can now view aggregated data by folio, product, and tank. They can also change the product quantities and supplier ownerships to mitigate unaccounted product that may arise due to things like rounding issues, faulty equipment, or errors in bookings that need adjustment.  Additionally, users can now modify supplier ownership prior to the folio closing process and resolve errors by automatically creating managed Gain/Loss records and committing adjustment transactions. The ability to perform Weight and Density equalization adds another dimension of control for Terminal Owners.

  1. American Petroleum Institute Chapter 11.3.4 (Ethanol Expansion)

7.4 allows the system to calculate excess blend volume based on API Chapter 11.3.4 for standard and hybrid ethanol side-stream blending scenarios.

By precisely capturing ethanol expansion, a new net volume is calculated and stored in the transaction. It also allows blended products that are metered separately to be billed separately and blended products that are metered together to be billed together. Blend volume and growth will never need to be inferred.

  1. Automated Pipeline Transaction Interface

Instead of entering pipeline transactions manually, 7.4 gives users the option of importing a csv file, which will be converted into a transaction in TMS7. This gives users a smoother pipeline for moving transaction data into TMS7. The new functionality also provides a mechanism to view and correct items that fail the validation criteria defined in the Electronic Transaction Interface (ETI). This feature saves time by making data entry in the Bulk Manual Transaction screen automatic rather than manual, reducing user error and increasing efficiency.

  1. Supporting Documents

In previous versions, only documents generated by the system (BOLs, Certificate of Analysis, Load Advice Notes, etc.) could be linked to transactions. 7.4 provides users with the ability to upload any PDF files to be linked to any transaction. This enables terminals to attach supporting documentation and explanations to transactions, which can be quickly viewed, printed, and downloaded.

  1. Enhanced Rack Status

The Rack Status screen for Operators has been enhanced with two valuable new features. First, support for visualization of product receipts. Not only can users view a visualization of product flowing from the tanks, they can now view the product flowing into the tanks as well. Second, support for printer status has been included. Operators can now view the printer status for each bay, allowing them to more quicky identify and correct issues and avoid inconvenient delays.

  1. Carrier-Vehicle-Supplier Cross Reference

This screen has recently been enhanced to support bulk edits. For example, a user may grant privileges to a specific carrier, vehicle group, supplier, and all customers subordinate to that supplier. It also gives the ability to selectively deny those entities. This feature provides terminals with even more efficiency and control.

  1. Tank Heel Wizard

7.4 offers a more intuitive tank heel wizard with additional options for operators. This feature will make it easier than ever for operators to ensure the tank heel is distributed equally among suppliers.

  1. Simpler Menu

System Administrators can now hide unused menu items based on different user groups. It provides for a more compact menu and faster navigation. Another quick way is, of course, the menu search box.

  1. Trending Data (Available May 31, 2023)

TMS7 has been updated to show trending data dashboards. TMS7 users can now view trending data for disabled meters, component throughputs, and Gain/Loss.


This is just a sample of the many new terminal automation features and enhancements available in 7.4. Contact Toptech Systems to learn more about 7.4 and how you can benefit from this newest version.

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