Tophat7 is a centralized solution for managing and optimizing multi-terminal
operations for both company-owned and non-owned facilities. Tophat7’s powerful user interface adds efficiency for users by streamlining workflows for faster, easier execution.


Tophat7 is a centralized solution for companies that own multiple terminals. Tophat7 brings managing a suite of terminals to a whole new level, offering a significant boost in productivity, a user-friendly interface, superior security and fast, easy upgrades. It handles complex data translation and routing requirements between terminal sites and the corporate back-office. Tophat7 also serves as a Data Warehouse, Allocations Management, Stock Management, and Dispatched Order Management solution. Tophat7 is designed to fit easily into your corporate IT strategy, providing the ideal location for corporate-wide data queries and reporting.


Large companies with multiple terminals often have to log in to the terminal automation system for each individual site, making it difficult to efficiently manage their business. Even when a company has a system for managing the portfolio, it is often not fully integrated with the terminal automation systems. Plus, it lacks important security standards and features for enhanced portfolio management.


Tophat7 allows the user to manage data to and from multiple terminal automation and hosted systems into one centralized system, making it possible for business owners to manage all aspects of their business (including crude skids and bulk plants) from one location. Tophat7 is able to manage large-scale data in a very fast, reliable, and secure manner.

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