The Most Intuitive Terminal Automation System

TMS7, the terminal automation system by Toptech Systems, is known for being Secure, Reliable, Powerful, and Intuitive. This is the fourth of a 4-part series to explore each of these aspects.

Refined fuels terminals are looking for automation solutions that are intuitive enough to reduce the amount of time it takes to perform critical tasks and minimize training time to onboard new employees. There are several ways in which TMS7 is the most intuitive terminal automation system.

Web-Based Application

TMS7 is a web-based application which supports all modern web browsers and can be used with the terminal owner’s preferred devices. This means users have the freedom to work without a client or dedicated workstation. Plus, with the click of one button, security and feature updates can be deployed quickly and painlessly.

Easy Access to Data

Part of Toptech’s approach to making TMS7 the most intuitive terminal automation system, was making sure the needed data and controls were always within reach. Throughout the site, users will find Smartlinks which allow them to quickly access additional information. For example, in circumstances where the user might normally just see the Customer, Destination, or Terminal number, they can simply click a link to view more details (such as the proper name, location, and more) without ever leaving their screen. One additional click can take them to the full entry in a new tab, bypassing menu navigation and searches when additional research or edits need to be done.

TMS7 also includes an easy-to-use search bar that allows the terminal owner to completely bypass menu navigation, sorting, and scrolling. Simply type in the search bar and go straight to the page or entry of interest. Additionally, the traffic management screen provides a broader range of data so Operators can make more informed decisions. From a single traffic screen, Operators can view all past transactions of the driver and see what they are loading.

Step-by-Step Approaches

Processes such as load ID, contracts, weigh-scale manual transactions, and EMCS manager walk the user through each step with clear alerts and instructions. Users will never go through the process only to be told it’s invalid due to an empty field. In fact, TMS7’s user interface is so powerful and intuitive, creating a tank strapping chart (which is usually a time-consuming process) can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

There are plenty more intuitive details such as icons in the traffic screen which display preferred drivers that have higher priority; highlights in the audit screen which allow users to quickly troubleshoot; a convenient list that allows users to quickly go to any of their most visited screens; and so much more. Toptech Systems is dedicated to creating solutions that make managing the business easier for terminal owners. Contact us to learn more.

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