Load2day is an innovative web portal that allows your customers to self-serve for more efficient customer onboarding and communication.


Load2day was created for 3rd party and equity terminals to increase efficiencies and offer unprecedented features to their customers. Load2day reduces the cycle time to onboard new customers and dramatically improves relationship and data management between suppliers and their customers through faster customer onboarding, improved customer service, customer empowerment, and reduction of manual processes. This is achieved by empowering your customers with an innovative self-serve model.


The process to onboard new terminal customers is time-consuming and error prone, sometimes taking up to a month before the first truck can load product.

Once that process is complete, carriers and drivers are often plagued by long wait times and a lack of communication regarding planned outages, warnings, and lockouts.

Plus, hard to find documentation makes it difficult for terminal operators to deliver timely customer service.


Through Load2Day’s self-service data maintenance model, the customer onboarding process is reduced to as little as one day. This change improves customer service, reduces mistakes, eliminates double work, and increases efficiency.

Load2day also empowers customers and carriers to schedule the most efficient route by enabling them to view wait-times, warnings, lockouts, planned outages and anything else that could prevent them from loading.

Lastly, all certifications and agreements are attached to the customer’s master data record, enabling swift customer service. The supplier has complete control over what information can be shared.

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