TMS7 Supports the Security of Terminal Operations

TMS7, the terminal automation system by Toptech Systems, is known for being Secure, Powerful, Intuitive, and Reliable. This is the first of a 4-part series to explore each of these aspects.

As a leader in the industry for over 30 years, Toptech Systems has been a key player in helping terminals shift towards increased security. As the world has witnessed the exploitation of security vulnerabilities again and again, it is clear that every component of the terminal must do its part to ensure the facility remains secure. TMS7 protects terminal operations in several different ways.

OS Licensing & Cyber Security Compliance

TMS7’s flexible architecture empowers users to get OS packages completely independent of Toptech, including simplified security patches. In addition, Toptech Systems offers a Cyber Security Compliance service to protect against Linux vulnerabilities more efficiently. Users can also choose to keep OS licensing entirely within their IT’s control. Toptech continues to confirm patches that address critical issues.

Audit Logs

Legible audit logs are a critical part of a well-run terminal but many are not built in a way that allows the user to quickly view the change history. TMS7 highlights changes within the audit log to make it easy to troubleshoot and quickly detect the source of a problem. Plus, this terminal automation system allows users to view change history without ever leaving the record. Simply click “Record Change History” from that page to view what changes were made and who made them. This makes it easier to keep the system safe.

User-Access Control

Managing user access is a major part of keeping your system safe but managing it separately in each system allows for multiple points of possible user error. Strict user-access controls with Active DirectoryTM make it easy to prevent user error and tampering. TMS7 allows you to manage all users through your corporate security policy with no IT or network changes. Create user profiles and user groups with extensive role management options.

Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

Toptech Systems’ security policy is guided by CIS Benchmarks. TMS7 has gone through rigorous penetration testing for the configuration of the operating system, ensuring that the system is compliant and aligned with industry benchmarks. Before each release, Toptech protects against threats like SQL injection by routinely targeting soft spots and mimicking hacker behavior.

Secure Operating System & Database Engine

*TMS7 runs on the newest Red Hat operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3. With higher levels of support and frequent security updates, this is the most secure version for users. *In addition, the automation system’s database engine, MariaDB, is 10.5 which is the newest and most secure version.

Toptech Systems is continually working to protect their refined fuels terminal customers by advancing the security of TMS7, as well as their other solutions. Contact us for more information.

*As of August, 2021. Red Hat and MariaDB version may be different at the time of reading.

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