TMS6 is a streamlined terminal management hub that provides load rack visibility and control. With nearly 30 years in the market, TMS6 is globally known for its reliability and flexibility.


TMS6 is ideal for a variety of terminal applications and can handle an unlimited number of drivers, carriers, and customers. The innovative modular design supports a variety of equipment, even on the same load rack. Whether you operate a single terminal or many, TMS6 delivers a powerful terminal automation solution for your business.


Many companies struggle with automation systems that lack the flexibility to address diverse operational processes, ultimately preventing global standardization. Additionally, each terminal juggles multiple stand-alone systems with no interconnectivity. These problems all lead to constant training on various systems, expensive customer support, and more time spent monitoring each site.

Finally, most terminal management systems don’t address manual processes like customs declaration, which could lead to costly delays. They also don’t monitor product quality, forcing you to rely on the preset and leaving you vulnerable to fraud.


TMS6 is flexible enough to support almost all terminal management processes, allowing companies to confidently standardize across the globe. Connect TMS6 to services for data analytics, inventory tracking, customer onboarding, allocations and more; while enjoying robust interfaces to popular 3rd party applications for railcar movement and transaction processing.

Additionally, TMS6 completely automates the customs declaration process, eliminating the risk of problems due to human error. Plus, the additional check for product quality prevents drivers from gaming the system.

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