Multiload II is flexible, easy to use and maintain, and is the only preset designed to truly grow with your business.

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Multiload II is the only preset that can boast nearly limitless flexibility (custom logic), extended use (external expansion), and easy breezy maintenance (roomy interior). Multiload II works in standalone mode or connected to wi-fi to send transaction information straight to TMS or most other terminal automation systems. Multiload II delivers straight product or multi-product recipes using ratio, sequential, and various hybrid blending methods.


Choosing a preset that lacks the ability to grow with your company or support changing configurations often leads to the purchase of unnecessary additional equipment such as extra presets and PLCs. This lack of flexibility also causes cramped space inside the enclosure, making it hard to perform basic maintenance.

Additionally, presets that charge for firmware upgrades could mean missing out on new features. Further, many companies suffer from presets with low security, having limited or no access levels and allowing operators to have passwords like 1111.


Multiload II units allow more I/O expansion than any other preset, supporting the growth of your company and enabling flexible configurations. Add I/O (FCM units) in an external enclosure rather than purchasing additional blenders, smart injectors, presets or PLCs. This innovative design also means the Multiload II interior is spacious for easy maintenance.

In addition, enjoy free firmware upgrades and rigorous security, with SSL encryption and the ability to have multiple security accounts and levels.

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