A Powerful Terminal Automation System

TMS7, the terminal automation system by Toptech Systems, is known for being Secure, Reliable, Powerful, and Intuitive. This is the third of a 4-part series to explore each of these aspects.

Today’s refined fuels market looks for terminal automation solutions that are powerful enough to provide more benefits and functionality than ever before. Toptech’s TMS7 delivers on this expectation by, among other things, providing more efficient workflows, expanded editing abilities, better operational visibility, and faster, easier upgrades.

Efficient Workflows

Toptech has reimagined the way bulk transfers are done within the facility, allowing users to easily book inventory from one supplier to another supplier or from one product to another product. Additionally, data searches include custom filters. This feature allows users to give their search a name and share it with others, enabling them to find their relevant data much quicker and easier. There are also several options for TMS7 users to export lists and download reports. Plus, users can enjoy a faster more streamlined End of Day process.

TMS7 forms include the ability to create data-entry templates. For instance, if a user inputs 20 data points to create a manual transaction and 10 of them are always the same, the user can store those 10 data points as a template. Next time the user creates a manual transaction, they simply pull up the template and those 10 data points will already be populated. This feature greatly speeds up data entry, especially for those that input multiple receipts daily.

Expanded Editing & Visibility

With the click of a button, admins can edit nearly every field to be read only, required, alpha, numeric, have a default value, and more. Users can enjoy Smartlinks throughout TMS7 to quickly access additional information. Plus, TMS7 users can view the status of all load racks, BOL print stations, driver staging areas, load bays, and more. Users can also edit all Master File Data from one page. There is so much more throughout TMS7 that can be edited and viewed for increased control and efficiency.

One Button Upgrades

With TMS7, users no longer need to deal with lengthy update outages or infrequent terminal automation updates. Instead, enjoy One Button Upgrades which reduce upgrade time for all releases to less than 5 minutes. This allows users to experience small, incremental changes rather than major service releases.

Toptech Systems realizes that powerful terminal automation that goes beyond its core functionality is necessary for refined fuels terminals to succeed in this rapidly changing environment. Toptech is always finding ways to provide increased value in TMS7 and their other solutions. Contact us for more information.

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