This powerful inventory management system reduces manual data entry, streamlines processes, and gives you more control over your tank farm and pipeline inventory.


BPIMS provides a central place for operators to manage either a collection of bulk storage tanks or pipeline segments as an independent system and balance its overall inventory. By leveraging the same balancing tools (and more) of the familiar TMS6 automation system, you can ensure your team is efficient and your system balanced.


Many companies are successfully managing their terminals, crude skids, and more, but they do not have an adequate, connected system for pipeline and tank farm inventory tracking or balancing, even though they have several pipeline/tank farm sites. This means data entry errors and SCADA inaccuracies go undetected, operators have time consuming data entry tasks and monthly close times are long and cumbersome.


BPIMS allows the pipeline and tank farm markets to enjoy the benefits of a robust management system with reporting and tools for daily reconciliation of individual batch, tank or pipe, supplier, product, tank farm, pipeline system, and the entire ecosystem. This tool provides quicker detection of data entry errors and SCADA inaccuracies, daily balancing and faster monthly close times. In addition, eliminate data entry for operators. Enjoy a streamlined more efficient process for your overall physical inventory in the pipeline and tank farm.

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