UAP is a cloud-based, transaction management solution which pairs seamlessly with the Multiload II suite of products for improved accuracy and a more streamlined process.


UAP communicates seamlessly with the Multiload II suite, allowing LACT, bulk plant, and small terminal managers to visualize consolidated load data, manage business data, run reports, and perform inventory management and balancing. UAP is even an optimal solution for areas with limited internet access.


Many crude skid and bulk plant owners manage their operations with tons of manual processes, needing to wait until the end of the month, when manual data entry is complete, before they can run reports and perform inventory management. Crude skids even have someone going to each site just to run reports for various single-purpose devices. This is wasted time and money and the lack of visibility often leads to lost product.

Additionally, many large companies wish they could manage their bulk plants as part of their portfolio in their centralized terminal management solution.


Transaction data is almost instantly available on any internet enabled device, replacing manual data entry and allowing operators to access their data 24/7. In areas with  intermittent internet access, Multiload II will continue to collect and store transaction data and will send it to UAP as soon as the internet connection is restored. Nothing is lost in the process.

Large businesses also enjoy UAP’s ability to send data directly to Tophat or an ERP accounting system, allowing them to more efficiently manage their entire portfolio.

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