Multiload II+ SMP handles single- arm, straight product loading and provides one place for configuration, logs, storage, and more. SMP offers ease of use, powerful stand-alone operation and seamless integration with automation systems. Multiload II+ SMP is compatible with all current and future Toptech production software.


Multiload II+ SMP works in standalone mode and features extensive built-in reports. SMP also works through ethernet ports and serial ports to send transaction information straight to the cloud-based UAP system, TMS or most other terminal automation systems. Multiload II+ SMP is ideal for markets that don’t need the more extensive feature set of the standard Multiload II+ preset but still want a powerful reporting tool.


Many sites with simple operations and/or spotty to no internet access are stuck with manual processes, no automatic reporting, and no real security to help manage their business. Plus, when it’s time to perform maintenance, the space inside is often cramped, making it difficult to maneuver within the device.

Additionally, expensive firmware upgrades could mean missing out on new features. Further, it’s often hard to find the cause of issues, making it difficult to manage your load racks and support your drivers.


Multiload II+ SMP enables simple operations to enjoy the benefits of a preset that tracks transactions with or without internet, provides powerful reporting, and allows you to control who has product access. Plus, hinge-mounted internal components and additional cable glands make it easy to perform maintenance within your units.

In addition, enjoy free firmware upgrades and expansive support features which make it easy to quickly identify and correct issues at the load rack.

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