TMS7 is a user-friendly terminal management hub that provides load rack visibility and control. With nearly 30 years in the market, Toptech’s TMS is globally known for its reliability and flexibility and TMS7, the latest version of TMS, furthers this reputation with even more productivity and controls.


TMS7 brings terminal management to a whole new level, offering a significant boost in productivity, a user-friendly interface, superior security and easy one button upgrades. TMS7 can handle a variety of terminal applications including an unlimited number of drivers, carriers, and customers. Use TMS7 as the hub to access terminal analytics, allocations management, customer onboarding tools, and so much more. Experience as much as a 60% increase in productivity from your former TAS system with TMS7’s superior user interface and additional features.


More and more companies are wanting to access their TAS system using nontraditional methods such as mobile devices and websites. However, most TAS systems still require deployed applications on PCs. In addition, companies often find themselves maintaining an old automation system to avoid the huge cost, time and inconvenience of upgrading. Lastly, inflexible automation systems often prevent companies from standardizing across their portfolio, ultimately requiring excessive training and resources.


With TMS7, users and IT personnel will no longer have to install a TAS application on individual workstations. Instead, users can access TMS7 from all web browsers and mobile devices. In addition, owners can always enjoy the latest features and security enhancements with upgrades (including major releases) that take less than 3 minutes, drastically reducing downtime and required resources. Finally, TMS7 is flexible enough to be the standard solution across most terminal portfolios.

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