How Has Toptech Made It Easy to Move from TMS6 to TMS7?

Nine years ago, Red Hat released RHEL 7, the latest (at the time) in their rich history of delivering the best enterprise Linux platforms. RHEL 7 is tightly integrated with TMS6 and has been a pivotal platform as it provides the ability to deliver a stable operating system with excellent security. Red Hat has a 10-year life cycle for its RHEL releases, and the end will come for RHEL 7 in June 2024.

What Does That Mean for You?

Toptech Systems has provided a portal (Cyber Security Compliance Service) where customers can easily get the latest security releases from Red Hat and incorporate them into their system. Over the years, these releases have been critical to tightening up vulnerabilities and preventing cyberattacks. June 2024 will mark the end of all security releases and bug fixes within RHEL 7. Understanding that no site should risk having a vulnerable terminal automation system, Toptech Systems has taken steps to make it easy for customers to upgrade from TMS6 to TMS7.

Helping You Plan and Prepare

In 2021, Toptech first announced this plan to continue to support customers on TMS6 and provide plenty of time for their planning to move to TMS7.

Standard Release: Released typically in Q1. Includes new features, minor improvements, change requests, and bug fixes.

Maintenance Phase: Periodic releases (approximately 10-12 weeks) with bug fixes, minor improvements, and change requests.

Extended Maintenance Phase: Ad hoc releases with bug fixes. May require a revision upgrade as prerequisite.

Limited Support Phase: Ad hoc releases for exceptional cases (security/regulatory impact). May require a revision upgrade as prerequisite.

End of Life (EOL): Support limited to upgrading from the EOL version to a supported version.

  • End of sales – January 2022 (few exceptions apply)
  • End of new feature development – January 2023
  • End of Change Request development – January 2024
  • Versions earlier than those listed above have reached EOL

The current version of TMS6 is 5.7, with plans to release 5.8 only if it becomes necessary. Product enhancements (Change Requests) will end in January 2024. As customers plan their move to TMS7, Toptech can quickly transition them to TMS6 5.7 for continued bug fixes and improvements. Customers can expect continued support for the latest version of TMS6 through Q3 of 2026. A Toptech representative will gladly help customers develop the best plan for their site(s).

Helping You Make the Move

“Super User” customers who know the system very well and fully understand their configuration and database needs are capable of quickly and, largely independently, moving onto TMS7. However, not all TMS6 users have the system expertise to fully prep for a successful cutover to TMS7. Toptech Systems has the tools and talent to help customers prepare for a seamless upgrade, no matter their size or level of expertise. For those customers, Toptech can help identify site-specific configurations and interfaces, obtain system snapshots, and ship or remotely install the new TMS7 on an accessible server. Toptech’s goal is to make this critical transition as stress-free as possible for their customers.

Creating a System You Will Love

Picture this: the customer is so worried about the cutover being a massive job, riddled with problems. They work closely with Toptech to prepare. The cutover takes place and they are shocked by how easy it was and how quickly trucks are loading.

However, worries continue. Will there be backlash from terminal operators? Will they be less efficient trying to navigate the new user interface? Will they be infuriated by no longer having the reports they depend on?

The customer holds their breath for the response. As the first wave of feedback comes in, they realize it’s positive! Terminal operators love the intuitive design of the new user interface. They begin to realize they can perform everyday operations faster than ever. They aren’t missing any reports. In fact, as they learn the differences in the system, it becomes clear they have everything they needed before, plus even more features that will make their job easier.

The customer is relieved, but now they must contend with their IT group. Will they be upset with the new hardware and system requirements? The feedback comes in and IT is thrilled they can use any hardware and, optionally, any operating system they choose. They are also pleased with the other security and control features, like Active Directory and high availability via hypervisor level near-real-time mirroring for a fully redundant environment. The customer is relieved and happy they made the switch to TMS7.

All of these are real scenarios which have already occurred time and time again. Toptech has worked tirelessly to create a terminal management system that is Secure, Reliable, Powerful, and Intuitive. With positive feedback from executives, IT, and operators, Toptech is confident that when customers make the move to TMS7, they will be glad they did. Contact us today to learn more about how to have a stress-free move to the best terminal automation system in the market, TMS7.

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