5 TMS7 Features that Improve Terminal Management

In addition to being secure and reliable, TMS7, the most powerful terminal automation system, is full of features that truly make the operator’s life easier. With 35 years in the market, Toptech Systems incorporated a wealth of improvements and best practices into this terminal management system. Here are just 5 of the countless convenient features that make TMS7 seem more like an assistant.

  1. Recently Used Links – Accessible from any page, this is a simple list of the last 10 visited TMS7 links to make navigation easier. Simply click on the unobtrusive icon and choose the link to jump back to a previous page.
  2. Tile Layout – In the busy terminal environment, there is always a need for multitasking. Tile Layout allows multiple TMS7 pages to be open without utilizing a different tab. Concurrently view and work from multiple pages.
  3. Orphan Record Prevention – Data integrity is critical. When data is deleted that impacts other areas of the system, TMS7 gives a notification to support data integrity and prevent orphan records.
  4. RCU Ditto – View every Multiload screen concurrently for real-time monitoring and control of the facility.
  5. Scannable Audit Logs – Enjoy color coordinated audit logs for easy readability. Filter down and use search patterns to quickly get to the right information.

Plus, TMS7 is accessible on any internet enabled device (including mobile devices) using any modern web browser for optimal productivity. No deployment for client access is required. TMS7 seamlessly integrates with Load2day (the self-serve data management system for terminal customers and carriers), Synetics (the terminal analytics platform), Tophat7 (the management system for multiple terminals), and more. IT teams also have the ability to add or modify the Linux platform, making it easy to integrate 3rd party applications.

Contact Toptech Systems to learn more about the many features that make TMS7 the optimal choice for any terminal.

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