Toptech’s Hosted Solutions are Making it Easier to Access Information

Over the last 30 plus years, Toptech Systems has developed the unique reputation of being problem solvers in the refined fuels terminal industry. As a company focused on understanding and innovating for the market, Toptech is always working on eliminating the big challenges their customers face. Recently, Manish Patel, Global Commercial & Hosted Solutions Director at Toptech Systems, was asked, “What are some of the unique challenges being solved by Toptech’s Hosted Solutions?”

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“One of the things that we want to do is make it easier for our customers and the entire supply chain to access information. Whether they’re pushing data into our environment, pulling information, or using our web portal, we want to be a scalable solution that allows them to have flexibility regardless of what they’re using in their backend systems or applications. So, those are the types of solutions we are bringing to the marketplace – Allowing customers to use standard, secure APIs to consume the information should they want to do that or use a flexible, scalable UI to easily access information.”

Manish Patel, Global Commercial & Hosted Solutions Director at Toptech Systems

Needing easier access to information is the challenge that is being faced by terminal owners, suppliers, customers, and carriers across the board. Toptech’s Hosted Solutions tackle this issue by giving terminal owners a method for allowing their suppliers, customers, drivers, and carriers to easily get the information they need to be more efficient. Stakeholders can also quickly provide the information needed for them to start and continue operations at the terminal. As Manish stated, this can be done using APIs with the tools they already have in place, or through a secure website with a simple user interface. Terminal owners get their valuable time back while still having full control over the data and other stakeholders are able to use the same easy system across terminals, no longer needing to learn a new system with each terminal company.

If you are interested in a solution that optimizes operations for the entire supply chain, contact Toptech Systems.

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