Toptech Systems And VTTI Announce Partnership To Standardize Terminals Using TMS6 And MultiLoad II

Toptech Systems, the leading provider of terminal automation hardware and software solutions, together with VTTI, one of the world’s fastest growing energy storage businesses, are pleased to announce the standardization of the VTTI greenfield rail and truck loading/offloading terminals. This new partnership will lead to improved customer service, reduced costs and reduced time between the start of development to when terminals are able to load.
In the continually changing energy environment, staying ahead of trends to offer the latest technology to customers is critical. Customers want to work with terminals that are knowledgeable about their equipment and able to help troubleshoot any issues on the spot.

“As we rapidly expand we needed to be able to move faster while continuing to offer our customers the highest level of support. We researched several automation options and are excited about our partnership with Toptech Systems.” says VTTI’s Director of Itank, Rene Gijsbers.

TMS6 is Toptech’s premier terminal management system and MultiLoad II is Toptech’s integrated flow controller. Both products have the unique ability to handle almost any terminal configuration and exceed global safety standards.

VTTI is known for their stringent safety guidelines, their entrepreneurial approach to problem solving and their dedication to customer satisfaction. Their cultural alignment with Toptech Systems makes TMS6 and MultiLoad II the perfect additions to VTTI terminals.

One of the great benefits of this partnership is the interface between VTTI’s ERP system and TMS6. This solution (called ITAS) has been fine tuned to eliminate the time consuming and costly changes that usually need to be made with each new terminal. Having ITAS across the board will also make it easier for VTTI’s staff to offer top notch support to their customers.

“It’s nice to be able to move with a dynamic player in the market,” says Annelies Godefroit, Product Manager for the IDEX Energy and Fuels Group. “VTTI is focused on being and offering the very best and we’re honored that they’ve included Toptech Systems to help achieve that goal.”

To date, Toptech Systems has successfully outfitted VTTI terminals with TMS6 and MultiLoad II in three countries. For more information about this partnership, please contact Annelies Godefroit.

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