Toptech Introduces TMS6 Flex

Toptech’s TMS6 terminal management system is known for its ability to meet and exceed the needs of fuel terminals with any configuration, whether small or large. Toptech is proud of this fact. However, sometimes small terminals with simple processes are left with a product that exceeds their needs too much, often leading to unnecessary cost and confusion. These terminals do not use many of the standard features (such as Staged Orders or Product Quality Monitoring (PQM)) and never have the need for customization.
Though TMS6 can benefit even the small-scale terminals, its complexity is often a barrier to entry. Toptech has eliminated this barrier by providing TMS6 Flex, a terminal management solution scaled for terminals that, among other things:

  • Use standard processes for rack pickups, dispatch orders, and weigh scale
  • Use MultiLoad II batch controllers for all load rack control
  • Have up to 3 direct bays or up to 4 swing arm bays
  • Require no enhancements outside of minor BOL changes

TMS6 Flex is also the ideal software for mobile transloading solutions and bulk plants that require a more extensive feature set than UAP. Additionally, TMS6 Flex locations can also enjoy seamless connectivity to Toptech’s TopHAT central management solution. With Toptech’s suite of management solutions for any size or type of liquid transfer site, customers can now enjoy a convenient view of every location, from the crude skid all the way to the bulk plant.

Toptech is proud to be able to offer this solution to customers around the globe. To find out more about TMS6 Flex and learn which solution is right for your load rack management and transloading needs, please contact


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