TMS7’s Tile Layout View for Terminal Operators & Business/Back-Office Users

Over the last four years, Toptech’s powerful Terminal Automation System, TMS7, has been shown to increase user speed and efficiency. One of the features that has endured as a customer favorite for increased efficiency has been the tile layout view. Recently, Mustali Dalal, Director of Software Products & Services, provided a demonstration of the tile layout feature and how it is used to access multiple sources of information at one time.

The tile layout view would primarily benefit terminal operators and business/back-office users. It is particularly useful when someone wants to compare multiple records at the same time instead of switching between various tabs. Of course, users can still open multiple TMS7 tabs, but the tile layout view provides a more convenient way of having lots of information on one screen.

Accessing & Navigating Tile Layout

As with the other great screens in TMS7, tile layout can be accessed through a quick search using the search bar or by using the menu bar. Once selected, the last saved layout will be displayed. If a layout has not yet been saved, it will populate a default layout of four home screen windows. The user can then choose between 2-5 tiles and decide which screen each tile will display. The entire menu is available within each tile, so there are no restrictions on what screens are viewable. User also have the option of changing the scale. Depending on the size of the monitor, users may choose to zoom in or out so the data can be optimally viewed no matter the workstation configuration.

Terminal Operator Applications

Tile layout provides terminal operators with the ability to view the status of the facility and transaction data from one screen without the need to shift through multiple tabs. Terminal Operators would likely be most interested in this feature to efficiently view information like Rack Status, Tank Status, load rack activity, PLC I/O information, transaction information, and more.

Business/Back-Office User Applications

The tile layout view is also beneficial for business or back-office users focused on maintaining master data. A business user would find this very useful when they search for multiple records. For example, the two-tile view could be used to quickly compare two customers, drivers, carriers, vehicles, and more. Business users will particularly enjoy using smart links to quickly dig down through the data without ever leaving the previous screen.

The tile layout view is just one of the many incredible features that have been packed into the TMS7 terminal management system. Contact us for a full tour of this powerful user interface.

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