The Next Chapter for Load Rack Control Presets

Toptech Systems is known for providing powerful, innovative solutions to the terminal industry. This feat is only possible through a focus, not just on the needs of today, but also on the needs of the future. Multiload II, Toptech’s longstanding load rack control preset, has been a favorite of terminal owners and drivers for many years. With unmatched expansion capabilities, great new features being added every year, and free firmware upgrades, Multiload II has earned its reputation as best-in-class.

While Toptech continues to innovate and address customer needs through the pioneering Multiload II firmware, we’ve determined it is time to make some exciting improvements to the hardware.

Toptech is proud to preview the next chapter, Multiload II+. This newest iteration provides even more durable hardware, a superior user interface, more convenient expansion, and prepares terminals to seamlessly step into a successful future.

Durable Hardware

The Multiload II+ hardware is more durable than ever before. The previous hardware was already very durable, with many terminal customers benefiting from their units for decades. The new Multiload II+ presets are equipped to withstand even more corrosive environments. With high performance standards and rigorous testing, these units can handle whatever comes their way.

Superior User Interface

Additionally, Multiload II+ has an improved user interface, sure to make loading faster and easier for drivers. Multiload has evolved from including only 22 keys on the Ex and 47 keys on the Division II (many with multiple functions) to featuring 55 keys for both Multiload II+ enclosures. This change will make navigating the various options much more intuitive for users. The keypad is comprised of a chemical resistant silicone with field-proven durability and has tactile feedback for the best user experience. Drivers will never need to worry about being slowed down by a smudged screen.

Multiload II+ has also been outfitted with a 10.4” (26.416 cm) screen, which is at least 2” (5.08 cm) larger than most other options. Toptech is the only company to offer the incredibly intuitive 55 key alphanumeric keypad combined with the massive screen. Of course, the screen is also full color to display any company logo.

Convenient Expansion Capabilities

Multiload II+ does not use the internal I/O boards that Multiload II customers are familiar with. Internal I/O boards take up valuable space that could be used for more processing power.  Instead, Toptech has designed Multiload II+ to support the use of our FCM II (Flow Control Modules) without the need for internal boards.  Multiload II+ can fit enough internal FCM II modules to support nearly any single or double arm configuration. When more expansion is needed, additional FCM II units can still be used in an external enclosure, allowing terminals to avoid purchasing additional presets. Plus, performing maintenance on the Multiload II+ is just as easy because the FCM II modules are hinge mounted.

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Multiload II+ is also backward and forward compatible, and has additional hardware changes that make it more equipped to maximize future firmware upgrades. Contact us to learn more about Multiload II+ or visit us at StocExpo from March 14-16, 2023 in Rotterdam and at ILTA from May 22-24, 2023 in Houston, Texas.

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