The Best Features for (Un)Loading Alternative & Renewable Fuels

More and more companies are switching to renewable and alternate fuels, such as Safe Aviation Fuels (SAF), renewable diesel, renewable hydrogen, and more. However, many refined fuels automation systems focus on traditional fuels and are not ideal for renewables. Toptech Systems has developed a powerful process for automating the (un)loading of renewable and alternate fuels for any loading facility.

In addition to the streamlined tracking and management that comes with TMS, Toptech’s terminal management system, many sites have benefitted from including Toptech’s flexible preset, Multiload, in their alternate fuels facility. Since the initial launch of Multiload, Toptech has continued to evolve and incorporate new features to meet the pressing and emerging needs of the market. Here is a summary of three of the many features that are excellent for facilities with nontraditional fuels.

  1. Non-Proportional Blending

As more and more facilities focus on alternative fuels, such as biofuels, Toptech decided to solve a major industry problem. Customers needed to deliver a wide range of blends using meters that were limited in their flow ranges. With non-proportional blending, Toptech crafted a way to keep the meters in their respective flow ranges, while still accomplishing the 5 to 95% bio blends that they needed.

  1. Routing Levels

Many facilities have recently started blending sustainable fuels, and they require functionality beyond blending ethanol or biodiesel. Multiload has incorporated a routing level into the configuration that allows the system to dynamically route product to different meters. This results in the most accurate blending possible. It does this without slowing down the loading process or running meters outside of specifications.

  1. Security

With the industry’s increasing focus on cybersecurity, Multiload has incorporated encryption on its host and web interfaces. All communications are private and secure using SSL connections. Additionally, Multiload supports multiple access accounts with different privileges to ensure specific parameters on the system can only be changed by authorized personnel.

Toptech Systems continues to innovate to create powerful solutions for the traditional, alternative, and renewable fuels industry. For more information about how Toptech can solve your challenges, please contact us.

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