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In recent years, Toptech Systems has grown from being a solutions provider for terminal owners, to being a solutions provider for the entire supply chain (terminal owner, supplier, customer, carrier, and driver). Explaining why Toptech has made this strategic move, Manish Patel, Global Commercial Director, states, “We’ve seen the industry, every stakeholder, shift to a demand for more information, more insights, and easier access to that information. We knew that we could meet those needs and provide value to everyone involved. Ultimately, by meeting those needs, it increases the competitive advantage for the terminal owner. Making terminals that partner with us more efficient and attractive to the market is what keeps us going.”

The most recent example of this is with a company who was building their first terminal and knew they needed, at a minimum, a batch controller and an automation solution. They were interested in Toptech’s preset driver interface and Terminal Management System. Toptech also learned that they wanted to enable carriers and suppliers to manage their own master data and they were pleased to learn they could do that without building their own system. After getting a clear understanding of the needs of the company, Toptech worked alongside two regional partners to implement a solution that maximized the terminal and provided value to every stakeholder.

The terminal is now benefiting from the only preset in the world that can boast nearly limitless flexibility with custom logic, extended use with external expansion, and easy maintenance with a roomy interior. As the driver uses the preset, the transaction information is sent directly to the new Terminal Management System whose flexible, modular design supports a variety of equipment while providing the terminal operator with essential visibility and control.

The carriers and suppliers are managing their own master data through an innovative, easy-to-use web portal that enables them to view and edit their data while also accessing their transaction data. The terminal has multiple suppliers and carriers who each have their own technology, processes, and levels of sophistication. The solution’s scalability allows carriers and suppliers that already have a solution for managing master data to seamlessly input that data into the portal through APIs. Those that did not already have a solution are managing their data through the secure, self-serve web portal.

Toptech’s solutions are also providing the transaction data necessary for appropriate systems to generate required 3rd party documentation and have that documentation readily available at the terminal so drivers leave in a timely manner. The solution is even sending PDF BOLs to their customers that choose to receive them so they know exactly what’s coming and can optimally manage their locations. The terminal owner is still able to control the data for managing authorizations, inspections, training, and more.

Once the master data has gone into the system, it is sent to the Terminal Management System so the driver is able to load. Since the data owners (the carriers and suppliers) were the ones who input the data, there are much less errors and issues at the load rack than they would otherwise experience. As part of the roll-out, Toptech worked with each of the suppliers to train them and test the solution with their systems. This integrated solution freed the terminal owners to focus on what’s important to them and empowered the rest of the supply chain by having their essential data and transaction information at their fingertips.

Lastly, the terminal operator plans to utilize an interface that enables them to track metrics such as load times, gate-to-gate times and more in a way that is visually clear. This information can be sent to their suppliers, making it even easier for suppliers to choose them over their competitors. The terminal operator will also be able to model each load rack after their most efficient one, pinpoint which drivers need additional training, and investigate anomalies. This will lead to a safer, more efficient experience for everyone.

Toptech’s focus on building solutions that serve the entire supply chain allows everyone to benefit from updates and feature enhancements. In fact, in an upcoming 2021 release, Toptech will introduce a new feature which allows the suppliers’ customers to manage orders and schedule loads directly. This gives suppliers the ability to optimally manage their resources, empowers their customers to input their own information, and enables the terminal to receive the data accurately and efficiently. Ultimately, drivers can begin loading fuel faster than ever before.

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