Order Reservations is the Newest “Self-Serve” Feature in Load2day

We are pleased to announce that the first production deployment with Order Reservations, the newest feature in Load2day, was recently completed and is in use. Order Reservations furthers the benefits of Load2day. The feature allows suppliers to empower their customers with the ability to create orders. This service saves suppliers time and money by removing “create orders” from their to-do list, without losing any control.

For example, suppliers can still set the customer credit limits and their daily, weekly, and/or monthly supply limits. The volumetric credit and supply amounts are reserved from the quantities that have been made available to the customer. This means customers can operate within the credit and supply limits set by their supplier with full visibility to their available volume. Plus, a color-coded display allows suppliers to quickly view which orders are within the credit and supply limits (pass = green), which orders are outside the limits (fail = red), and which orders have at least one product that passed and at least one that failed (yellow).

Once an order has been fully authorized by the supplier, it is populated in TMS. When the driver loads and completes that order, the BOL and transaction information are sent back to Load2day for the supplier and their customer. The BOL is also available in the Load2day Driver Connect app. The supplier can then invoice their customers and release the reserved quantity in credit.

We are pleased to report the pilot site’s supplier and customer are very pleased with the solution and the smooth implementation. The supplier plans to offer this service to all their customers and carriers at the first site in the coming month and expand it to additional terminals over the next few months.

Order Reservations provides control and visibility to suppliers and customers, gives better organization and control to the terminals, expedites transaction data for all parties, and accelerates invoicing capabilities for suppliers.

Load2day is the innovative, best-in-class service that drastically improves relationship and data management between suppliers and their customers through faster customer onboarding, improved service, customer empowerment, and reduction of manual processes. This is achieved by providing customers with an innovative self-serve model. For more information about how you can take your operations to the next level with Load2day, please contact us.

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