Best Practices for a Successful Project

Every day, Toptech Systems is preparing for and executing go-lives for customers all over the world. Toptech’s powerful market solutions that include, among other things, terminal automation systems, presets, and self-serve data solutions for suppliers and carriers, are critical to ensuring valuable hydrocarbons efficiently and securely get from point A to point B. With so much at stake, Toptech is committed to a successful go-live every time and takes several proactive steps to exceed your expectations. There are also a few best practices that you are empowered to follow for the best chance at project success.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure a successful go-live:

  1. Communicate your timeline and intentions with a Toptech Project Manager. Toptech PMs are experienced professionals who are committed to overseeing successful projects. With thorough communication, they set expectations for the customer and Toptech Systems, schedule and prepare the appropriate employees for each project, communicate any developments, and tirelessly work to minimize surprises and oversee successful projects. Ensuring the date for your go-live is on their calendar is the first critical step.
  2. Next, Toptech suggests testing the solution ahead of time. To do this, communicate your systems, processes, and goals so Toptech can help you form a customized testing plan. This will allow your team to catch any snags ahead of time and work with Toptech to correct issues and train your team on the solution so they are fully prepared prior to go-live.
  3. Finally, ensure every third party who should be involved is ready and prepared to support the effort. Often, terminals depend on integrations to perform critical operational steps. In those cases, you may want to involve each of the companies with systems that could be impacted during the go-live.

Once each of those steps are complete, you will be ready for a successful go-live with minimal surprises. Rest assured that the Toptech team will work diligently to ensure you are thrilled with your new solution. Toptech employees are curious about your business and passionate about your success.

Are you interested in implementing any of Toptech’s powerful solutions to optimize your business? For more information about the go-live process, please contact us.

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