2022: A Year in Review

2022 has been an amazing year of innovation, partnerships, and growth. In 2022, Toptech products helped terminals and their supply chains all over the world. In addition to Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Belgium, Toptech solutions were sold into seven countries in South America, ten countries in Africa, fifteen countries in Europe, four countries in the Middle East, six countries in Asia, plus Australia.

Throughout the year the Toptech team worked hard to create solutions and methodologies that streamline information, inventory, facility, and process management for the entire supply chain.

This includes features that were added to TMS7 like:

  • A strengthened ability to filter data and share filters
  • Improved Pedimento management for Mexican markets
  • Additional templates for more efficient terminal management
  • Double the amount of records that can be retrieved
  • Ethanol expansion for side stream and hybrid side stream blending
  •  Google’s single sign-on (SSO) for a more secure, easy experience
Features were added to Multiload II like:
  • New warning messages, alarms, and the ability to build your own alarms
  • Enhanced diagnostic data and monitoring
  • Enhanced encryption, user logging, and more
  • Double the size of the audit log
  • Improved custom logic and MultiMate Plus
Features were added to Load2day like:
  • Order Reservations, which seamlessly integrate with TMS and add control, simplicity, and visibility to the process
  • Several APIs to expand the ability to integrate  and get the most out of each product
  • A new driver application called Load2day Driver Connect which enables drivers to search, view, save, and send their BOLs. In addition, drivers can check their eligibility to load, including load rack eligibility and order eligibility.

Toptech Systems also implemented several features to support the industry through energy transitions and efforts to become more sustainable. Among many other things, this includes more robust support around refined fuels like LPG and features that enable paperless BOLs. Toptech also converted the customer support portal to Microsoft Dynamics to create an enhanced customer experience and provide new ways for the team to monitor and improve operations. Plus, Toptech teamed up with Velostics to enable dispatched orders, bringing the rack loading process from eight manual steps to being completely automated and streamlined. Additionally, Adrian Williams was promoted to Director of IT and Information Security to guide Toptech and support customers with continuous improvement.

Toptech Systems is proud of the work done in 2022 and they are excited about what is still to come. Stay tuned for several exciting announcements in 2023. Have a very happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

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