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Note: If you have a Multiload (or an SMP) with a firmware version that is older than vX.31.07, you MUST use the legacy MultiMate application. Please contact us for the legacy MultiMate software.

MultiMatePlus – v1.5 User & Installation Guide

MultiMatePlus – v1.5 Setup


The MultiMate Plus installer does not contain a signed certificated. Therefore, your antivirus software might try to prevent the installer from running. You may need to setup an exception to allow it to run. Please consult your IT department if you run into any issues installing the application.

New Features:

  • Added the ability to export a configuration report to a .csv file. Only the equipment level parameters will be exported.
  • Added the ability to display the estimated time remaining on the firmware upload dialog box.

Bug Fixes:

  • Exception is occasionally thrown when downloading Products / Bay Alarms (reduced message chunk size). This also addresses issues related to some parameters not being uploaded to the device if communicating via an ethernet connection.
  • Upgrade CefSharp browser to version 57 which should resolve issues related to not being able to install/run the application on some PCs.
  • Not being able to send the <ESC> character from the command console. Users can now use ALT + 27 hotkey to insert the <ESC> character. It will be displayed as a ← character.
  • Spawning of orphaned RX threads which could drastically slow down communications.

MultiMatePlus – v1.4 Setup

New Features:

  • Modified the permissive 1 – 5 alarm descriptions for Preset, Meter, Component, Additive, and Sampler levels to match description format at the bay level.
  • Encode MM+ characters sent to MultiLoad as UTF8 to allow for multilingual support.
  • Removed all references to Gross and Net and replaced them with GOV and GSV.
  • Added IV, NSV, K-Factor and Meter Factor to the BOL Editor.
  • Added an SCS level in MM+ for SCS devices. Includes Default Report Day / Time Triggers, SCS Prompting and SCS Default Report Type.
  • Add support for registers added in firmware versions 4.33.00 and 4.33.01 (SCS parameters, Meter Names).
  • Added an FCM Map report. Can be accessed by selecting a device in the ‘Workspace’ page and then ‘Reports’ from the toolbar. The FCM Map Report can also be exported as a .csv file.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug would cause the screen to freeze when navigating from configuration page to the custom logic page.
  • Custom Logic and BOL import would break when importing a configuration file from old MM tool (handle Q and F commands).
  • Importing a configuration without any parameters assigned to additive #1 on preset #1 causes the application to display a blank page when selecting the new additive page.
  • Importing custom logic into the custom logic tool didn’t automatically set the firmware version for the configuration in the toolbar.
  • Improved performance when uploading / downloading config or firmware to a device when using the line controller.


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