Toptech Systems Introduces the Most Efficient Terminal Management System on the Market

Toptech Systems is pleased to announce the commercial release of TMS7, the newest terminal automation system on the market. TMS7 features several major improvements over traditional terminal automation systems, including improved productivity, flexibility, and security.
Increasing customer productivity has been a major focus for Toptech developers. The outcome is a faster, more intuitive user interface with powerful new functionality. One example is the search capabilities which provide instant results. Additional efficiencies like the ability to edit Master File Data (MFD) from one, multi-functional page make editing MFD as much as 60% faster than with traditional TAS systems. TMS7 also features the ability to make bulk changes, a drastically improved end of day process, built-in integration with SCADA, and easy troubleshooting for load denials.

Toptech also recognized that another major avenue for increased efficiencies would be improved upgrades. All the logistics that come with an upgrade, including temporarily closing the site, are headaches that every company would rather avoid. To eliminate these issues, TMS7 provides One Button Upgrades, reducing upgrade time to less than 3 minutes. That includes major releases!


With more and more terminals incorporating tablets into their everyday management, being able to use the TAS from any mobile device is now a necessity. TMS7 meets this need by allowing secure access from all major web browsers on nearly every internet enabled device.

Toptech’s TMS7 provides additional flexibility by continuing TMS6’s powerful ability to access terminal analytics, allocations management, customer onboarding tools, and so much more for the ultimate efficiency.


TMS7 also offers superior security with faster security patch deployments, easy control of user access through Active Directory Integration, and improved tools for system administration and troubleshooting. Using TMS7, users can now edit field requirements in less than 30 seconds. TMS7 also opens the door for new disaster recovery options and allows for better control of hardware upgrades.

Toptech Systems is excited about what this new terminal management system means for the terminal industry. Contact us for more information about TMS7.


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