Toptech Streamlines Terminal Operations in Mexico

Toptech Systems recently worked with a longtime customer who owns terminals all over the world. This time, rather than focusing on the terminals they own, they wanted help improving their operations as a supplier at a few 3rd party terminals in Mexico. They had a goal of being one of the fastest suppliers in Mexico but it was taking too long for their customers to receive the Factura and Pedimento. In Mexico, the drivers cannot leave the facility until they have a printed copy of the Factura which is a critical regional document that lets the government know the value of the fuel in the truck. Similarly, the Pedimento is a necessary document that tracks all fuel that is imported into Mexico.

The process they were using required that the information to generate the Factura and Pedimento go through their hosted data management solution, to the ERP, to get to Pegaso Tecnología (a service that uses the data to generate the forms), which would send it to the printer so the driver could receive their needed documents before leaving. One key challenge to overcome was the fact that their ERP system had regularly scheduled maintenance that required downtime. In addition, there were longer planned outages to accommodate major upgrades, and occasionally, even unplanned outages. Since drivers could not receive their documents while the ERP was down, operations were forced to either stop during each outage or revert to time consuming manual invoices. This was frustrating and costly.

The customer was already very happy with Toptech’s hosted solutions which, among other things, allow suppliers to receive BOLs and manage their own data through an easy to use website or through APIs that interface to their systems. In order to solve the customer’s problems of interrupted service through the ERP and slow gate-to-gate times, Toptech decided to allow the information to flow directly from their hosted solutions to Pegaso Tecnología by connecting to their APIs. This new solution went live in July and the customer is very pleased. As of August 31st, the 2021 uptime for Toptech’s hosted solutions has been 99.99%, so the customer doesn’t need to worry about interrupted operations.

In addition, the new process validates the data within Load2day to ensure each data point is properly populated before going to Pegaso. When data fails validation in Pegaso, the process becomes a headache. Having it pass or fail in Load2day gives terminal operators an opportunity to correct the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. Moreover, this solution has the added convenience of a smoother process when a BOL needs to be cancelled. Toptech Systems also created a step within their hosted solutions for Pegaso to generate the Traslado (a regional document for carriers). This solution is expected to go-live before the end of 2021. Now, the terminal operator, the supplier, the drivers, and the carriers, are all benefitting from this new process through Toptech’s hosted solutions.

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