Toptech Receives The Above & Beyond Community Volunteer Excellence Award

On July 14, 2015 Toptech Systems was proud to accept the United Way Above & Beyond Community Volunteer Excellence Award for service to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida (BGCCF). For the past year, Toptech Systems has been working very hard to enrich the lives of Seminole County youth through initiatives such as Homework Help sessions, Celebrate the Children, Faces of the Future and various other activities. Recently, they partnered with the East Altamonte Branch to completely remodel the teen room.
After speaking with BGCCF staff, it became clear they desired a better space for their teens. Matt Rowlett, Manager of Standard Terminals and Crude Operations, remarked, “The passion BGCCF staff has for the kids is contagious. Over 30% of our organization got involved in remodeling the teen room. Our ultimate goal was to create a room that would inspire the teens to go to college and, in true Toptech fashion, blow away BGCCF’s expectations. It was a blast!”

The completed teen room. Pictured is one of two computer stations, the collaboration table, the presentation television and the gaming television.

Before beginning this project Toptech knew they wanted to focus on encouraging the use of technology. Prior to the remodel, teens were rarely seen on the old computers in the room. In the new room, every computer is almost always being used. This means they can complete their research for school, take advantage of foreign language programs and the digital drawing pad (a crowd favorite) and generally become more comfortable with computers, giving them a leg up in this increasingly technological society.

Realizing that remodeling the teen room is only one step in truly changing lives, Toptech Systems also created a 2015 Teen Events calendar focused on sessions that would encourage their dreams of college, introduce them to various career paths, teach them skills for success and impart general life wisdom.

Following his “The Diversity of Engineering” session with the teens, Joe Porthouse, Director of Engineering, commented “There was so much engagement and excitement from the kids. I don’t think they had ever considered engineering as a career but by the end of our conversation and activities, a third of them wanted to be an engineer and everyone learned something new.”


Old computer after Joe Porthouse allowed each teen to chomp at it with the Jaws of Life.

With nearly twenty sessions left in the 2015 Teen Events calendar, Toptech Systems is excited to see how the teens will continue to be inspired by their new space.

For more information about the teen room remodel project please view this article on the BGCCF blog.

To find out how your company can make a difference in the community and get involved with Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida, contact Alicia Hodge at 239.826.9974, or for more information, visit


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