TMS6 Solution for Pedimento

As we all know, the variety of government regulations all over the world greatly impact how oil terminals operate in different regions. Toptech Systems’ commitment to serving our global customers often means partnering closely with local clients to learn the rules and regulations that affect them and determine how we can help. One example of this is the Pedimento regulation in Mexico.
The Pedimento number is essentially an ID number for fuel imports that follows the batch of fuel all the way to its final destination. Terminal owners with Suppliers who import fuel into the country are required to supply the Pedimento number and the COA (Certificate of Analysis) for every point of sale. Traditional means of data exchange didn’t contain this type of information, so the process has been manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. However, it is critical that the supplier receive the information.

After learning the requirements and understanding the current process, Toptech Systems developed a solution in TMS6. Through the new screens in TMS6, the Pedimento and COA numbers will, once set up, automatically print on the BOL. Suppliers are also able to easily receive the information electronically, at a component level, through Load2day. This solution works for traditional terminal applications as well as transloading.

Toptech Systems is proud to be among the first to provide a solution that makes tracking and providing this important information easier for terminals in Mexico. Please contact us for more information about the Pedimento solution within TMS6.


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