Remote TMS7 Install Successfully Completed with NuStar Energy

Toptech Systems is pleased to announce the first TMS7 install has been successfully completed with longtime customer, NuStar Energy. TMS7 is the newest terminal automation system on the market and includes several major improvements over traditional terminal automation systems, including improved productivity, flexibility, and security. This inaugural install was completed on Tuesday, August 4th.
Prior to the install, Toptech and NuStar participated in mock cutovers in a lab to simulate real-life scenarios, so the actual install was a very smooth, simple repeat of the runbook. This TMS7 install went exactly as planned, completed in just under two hours, with no unexpected downtime. Most of that time was spent validating business processes and testing interfaces (ie. TDS, TABS, and the host system) to confirm it was successful. This project highlighted the strength, with close customer partnership, of fully remote upgrades. One NuStar employee said, “With Covid forcing it to be a remote install, this shows how simple TMS7 is to deploy and support”.

Since August 4th, issues have been quickly addressed. Mustali Dalal, Toptech’s Senior Development Manager for New Product Development said, “We have focused on providing a close level of support to NuStar through the entire process. We’ve really obsessed about what was important to them and made sure we delivered beyond their expectations.” Tara Schulze, a Systems Engineer for Toptech said, “The supportability of TMS7 has made it much different from a traditional upgrade. We have been able to quickly triage problems from the TMS7 interface rather than from the backend which has made troubleshooting very easy. Plus, the reduced need for backend access is a huge security benefit for the customer.”

NuStar is extremely happy with the results and looks forward to implementing TMS7 at the next terminal. This upgrade allows the NuStar site to take advantage of all the benefits of their new terminal management system. Already, operators are finding it easier to use and really like the facility status screen. The display of real-time statuses has been very valuable and they are taking full advantage of the improved alarm displays. Operators have also been enjoying the overall improved user interface with the ability to reach information much faster.

From now on, NuStar will be able to capitalize on major improvements in efficiency such as the ability to edit all Master File Data from one, multifunctional page; painless troubleshooting with intuitive trace logs; and access to a Search bar from every page to bypass the menu and get straight to what they need. In addition, they will have access to the mobile-friendly TMS7 website from any web browser and benefit from fast upgrades that take less than 5 minutes. Plus, TMS7 easily integrates with Active Directory and is hardware independent.

Currently, Blendtech has a TMS7 lab system they are diligently testing to prepare for more customer installs. Looking forward, two other global Toptech customers will have lab systems by Q4 with preparations to upgrade their terminal suites.


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