Powerful Terminal Automation System for Local European Markets

Toptech Systems has developed a brand new TMS interface to electronic DAS (Documento Accompagnamento Semplificato) or eDAS for the Italian market. Almost instantaneously, data is now transferred to the local Italian customs web platform. This completely eliminates the need to print eDAS documentation with the Bill of Lading, simplifying the load and management process for everyone involved. Toptech is always working to ensure users of TMS, the powerful terminal automation system, can have the most optimized operations anywhere in the world.

There are several examples of how Toptech provides TMS users the competitive advantage in local markets throughout Europe. Recently, Toptech collaborated with a French company to create a TMS interface that makes it simple for customers to report their fiscal transactions. This powerful new connection to the CPDP makes fiscal reporting easier than ever for customers in France.

Another example is Toptech’s work with a leading manufacturer in ANPR (Automatic Name Plate Recognition) cameras to allow easy entry of vehicles to TMS terminals. Vehicle data can now be captured automatically, decreasing gate-to-gate times and making operations more efficient. Additionally, Toptech’s office location in Belgium and strong partners all over Europe allow them to deliver excellent service to customers everywhere.

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