New Features and Improvements in the Latest TMS7 Update

Toptech Systems recently made a series of updates and improvements to TMS7, the newest terminal management system, which include improvements in efficiency, data access, and security.


Toptech Systems continues to improve TMS7 features so that it remains the most efficient terminal automation system in the market. For example, the ability to create data-entry templates has been expanded to more complex workflows by launching templates in bulk and non-bulk transaction, gauge transaction, and bulk transfer screens. For instance, if a user inputs 20 data points to create a manual transaction and 10 of them are always the same, the user can store those 10 data points as a template. Next time the user creates a manual transaction, they simply pull up the template and those 10 data points will already be populated. This feature greatly speeds up data entry, especially for those that input multiple receipts daily.

Additionally, custom filters have now been expanded to trace logs and audit logs. This feature allows users to give their search a name and share it with others, enabling them to find their relevant data much quicker and easier. Toptech has also added a screen that provides a new way to do bulk transfers within the facility, allowing users to easily book inventory from one supplier to another supplier or from one product to another product. Plus, users can utilize the new EMCS manager as well as loading scenarios including load ID, contracts, and weigh-scale manual transactions using the simple, wizard-based approach that is common throughout this terminal automation system. Finally, the Tank Strapping screen has been revamped, allowing users to create a tank strapping chart in less than 5 minutes.

Data Access:

Toptech has also provided TMS7 users with expanded access to their data. For example, not only does traffic management provide a greatly improved user interface, it also provides a broader range of data to allow the operator to make better decisions on traffic in the terminal. Operators are now able to view all past transactions of the driver and see what they are loading directly from a single traffic screen. In addition, Toptech included helpful details such as icons which display preferred drivers that have higher priority. More options have also been added for users of this terminal automation system to export lists and download reports.

Finally, Toptech created a Printer Management screen which will automatically discover network printers and give users the ability to manage them. This newest feature eliminates the need to go to the operating system and improves the operator’s ability to troubleshoot BOL printing by making the information available far more easily. Operators can now manage the print queue and know exactly which BOLs are being printed, all from the TMS7 user interface.


Toptech made several improvements to TMS7’s connection to 3rd party platforms. TMS7 is now running on the newest Red Hat operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3. With higher levels of support and frequent security updates, this is the most secure version for users. Toptech Systems also deprecated older messaging technologies and implemented new, improved standards. In addition, MariaDB, the database engine, was updated to the latest version, 10.5, which is the most secure version.

Toptech Systems’ security policy is guided by CIS Benchmarks. TMS7 has gone through rigorous penetration testing for the configuration of the operating system, ensuring that the system is compliant and aligned with industry benchmarks.

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