New Feature Increases Efficiency For Terminal Owners & Suppliers

Two of our global terminal owners recently began using a new feature that has drastically improved their efficiency. Toptech has added functionality in Load2day that enables suppliers to interface with and download planned movements (contracts and orders) to manage their loading at 3rd party owned terminals. This change empowers suppliers with increased flexibility and it provides the terminal owner with simplified operations.
Prior to this addition, the terminal owner was manually entering orders in TMS6, proving to be a time-consuming, costly task. Now, their largest suppliers are leveraging the interface with their own back-end systems to create the necessary records and have them sent to the terminal owner within minutes. This has also allowed them to make necessary updates seamlessly in a timely manner.

Toptech is pleased to offer a service that allows terminals to leverage TMS6 and Load2day to manage their business more efficiently and effectively. For more information about this feature, please contact your Toptech representative or


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