Multimate Plus V1.4 Release

Toptech Systems takes pride in delivering new product enhancements to better serve customers’ needs. With its fifth version release since the initial launch, Multimate Plus v1.4 offers numerous updated features for improved Multiload management and control.
Unit Standardization

API (American Petroleum Institute) tables serve as an industry standard to maintain efficiency and accuracy when accounting for volume. To coincide with the addition of API Chapter 21.2 standardization in Multiload II, Multimate Plus now contains the same updated units of measure that were changed from Gross Volume and Net Volume to Gross Observed Volume (GOV) and Gross Standard Volume (GSV). Aside from GOV and GSV, you’ll find added units to the BOL Editor including Indicated Volume (IV) and Net Standard Volume (NSV), as well as K-Factor and Meter Factor.


Multimate Plus now has a better response time in uploading or downloading firmware when using the line controller. These changes have resulted in a drastic reduction in load times, providing faster data configuration for your device.

FCM Mapping

One of the biggest features included in the release of Multimate Plus v1.4 includes the FCM Map Report, which displays all FCM’s and ports utilized by the Multiload. The map showcases each FCM number and a list of corresponding ports with their type, level, and parameter. Map information can also be exported to a .csv file and saved on any local device or directory. By viewing the map through Multimate, the user also has access to FCM status and functionality that specifically provides warning and error messages for compromised ports.


Included in the aesthetic enhancements to Multimate Plus are:

  • Matching alarm descriptions and formatting for Preset, Meter, Component, Additive, and Sampler levels to those at the Bay level
  • Increased linguistic support for multiple languages through character encoding sent to the Multiload
  • Modified placement of SCS information to its own menu level rather than the previous placement under the RCU menu; this allows for more localized access to SCS parameters

View the full list of added features in the Multimate Plus User Manual.


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