MultiLoad II Slate Offers A Fresh Take On Tracking Fluids

MultiLoad II Slate is the newest offering in automation hardware for batch control. Slate is an evolution of the MultiLoad II system, taking it to the next level by using each company’s database to provide a solution that is specific to their needs.
“Now, in addition to adding flexibility for the oil industry, other markets such as paint, beverage, and mining can enjoy the same level of efficiency oil terminals have benefited from for years.” says Joe Porthouse, Director of Engineering for Toptech Systems.

MultiLoad II Slate is the result of Toptech’s commitment to continued innovation in addressing market needs. Many of the businesses that partner with Toptech Systems are experts in various industries and have expressed a need for a MultiLoad-like solution in those markets. After analyzing the requirements for these various markets, one thing became clear…flexibility is the key. The types of required data varied from industry to industry and market to market, with aviation tracking tail numbers, mining tracking odometers, locomotives tracking spur lines and so on and so on. MultiLoad II Slate allows for this diversity.

In short, Toptech Systems is offering the world something no other company has managed to offer, a blank slate. Application specific databases can be stored in the device, allowing it to speak the language of any industry. In addition, Slate supports custom prompting, allowing companies to choose the amount of security and information they want to receive before each load. As the user friendly interface for the driver or operator, Slate includes a full alphanumeric keypad and a color display. It is also available in a Division 1 or 2 enclosure.

Due to the varied nature of each industry, companies have traditionally been faced with only three options: The first option has been to endure the slow, manual process of tracking their transactions with pen, paper, and a spreadsheet. This leaves them with only a best estimate of how much product moved each month and includes hours of data entry for accounting. Another option has been to use a standard automation system. Since these systems weren’t designed with each industry in mind, this often leaves companies trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. With features they don’t need and language they don’t use, frustrations abound. The third option has been to build a custom automation system. This requires a significant investment of time and money. In addition, the company must pay for more customizations anytime they change a process.

There’s now a new player in town: the MultiLoad II Slate. Slate is designed to help companies with any fluid loading and offloading application. This new device stores any information the company needs before a transaction begins, tracks every transaction, and sends it to the software system for a fraction of the cost of PLC/PC based solutions. Companies will be able to view their data using their terms, the way they want to see it.

James Imhoff, Business Line Director for Toptech Systems states, “We are excited for this latest evolution of MultiLoad which opens it to interface with a virtually unlimited amount of systems and markets. We’ve always been focused on moving companies forward and Slate is yet another, strong component of that goal.”

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