MultiLoad II Enhancements For Improved Operations At The Terminal And The Skid

Toptech Systems recently announced the release of new MultiLoad II firmware, v4.33.01. This new firmware comes with two industry-wide enhancements, four enhancements for the crude market, and several fixes for overall improved quality. One of these enhancements will make life easier for every terminal that uses (or wants to use) line flush technology. Another enhancement greatly improves workflow for skid management.
Enhancement for Terminals:

With the traditional line flush process, the MultiLoad completely stops flow before beginning the line flush phase. The driver then removes their proximity card after the line flush is complete. However, the pause between the load and the line flush often causes drivers to prematurely remove their card, believing the process to be complete as soon as the load ends. The terminal manager then has to find a truck that plans to load the same product, or pump it off into a slop tank (if possible). This often leads to irritated customers and lost time and revenue.

The new enhancement completely prevents this problem by making the load and line-flush a continual process. This stops drivers from prematurely removing their card and saves the terminal manager from a botched flush.

Enhancement for Crude Skids:

Toptech has heard the feedback that generating reports from the MultiLoad II SCS can be cumbersome, even though they are critical to ensuring smooth operations. Therefore, Toptech’s hardware development team created a shortcut to enable customers to easily gain access to their reports and valuable measurement information with a few keystrokes. Now, by simply keying 4446 followed by the ‘NEXT’ key, you can view the live totalizer readings and generate various reports such as Current Day, Previous Day, Month-to-Date, Previous Month, and more, spanning back 6 months.

Of course, all these reports are still available on UAP from any internet-enabled device. However, this is a helpful addition for those that need to view the reports at the skid.

For more information about these, or the other changes for firmware v4.33.01, please view the end of the MultiLoad II User Guide.


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