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Toptech Systems has been in the refined fuels terminal industry for over 30 years and has seen countless changes over that time. Toptech is trusted to not only quickly react to those changes, but to also predict and prepare for future changes. Recently, Manish Patel, Global Commercial & Hosted Solutions Director at Toptech Systems, was asked, “What changes in the refined fuels terminal automation space do you see occurring in the next few years?”.

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Manish responded, “More data and access to information. There’s a lot of information that sits in the terminal today in various automation systems. With the technology around us, customers are looking for access to that data to make their jobs and processes simpler, faster, and more efficient. You can get certain industry formats, but the data is very limited. It served its purpose but as things have evolved, we now see a greater need for more information, more insight, and easier access to that information. That’s really where we see the biggest change over the next few years – that digitalization of information.”

As this trend continues, it will become more and more important that every member of the supply chain (terminal owner, supplier, customer, carrier, and driver) is able to efficiently receive the data that matters to them. Suppliers are no longer satisfied with receiving email attachments that must be tracked and easily get lost or missed. They are no longer satisfied with learning and remembering each operators’ homegrown solution to get their critical data. This trend will be long-lasting and continue to grow.

Through close relationships with its customers, Toptech saw this shift taking place and reimagined the way the supply chain can receive their data. Toptech Systems now offers a powerful solution that allows terminal owners to provide the data their suppliers, customers, carriers, and drivers crave – without being bogged down by managing information that isn’t critical to their operations. Toptech’s hosted solutions are seamlessly integrated with the terminal automation system and (through powerful APIs) the ERP for optimal efficiency.

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