FATs Continue with Video Conferencing Technology

Recently, Toptech Systems completed three different FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests) from the Antwerp, Belgium office for two separate global customers.
The first FAT was for seven FCMII cabinets. Given our successful cabinet FAT track record with this customer, their preferred choice was to conduct FATs in-person and at our manufacturing shop. However, the current global pandemic would not allow it. Instead, our customer was able to witness the FAT remotely through webcam technology. This project was completed over the course of six days, with daily video conferencing calls to show the process and answer questions. Afterwards, we received feedback that they were pleased with the professionalism showed to conduct this FAT during these challenging times. We managed to ship the cabinets on time, not jeopardizing our customer’s construction deadline.

Following the successful completion of the FAT, we were able to follow the same process at a separate location for that same customer. Since this location had only one cabinet, they opted to view the full FAT by using video conferencing tools.

The final FAT was for a customer that wanted to upgrade over 20 terminals to TMS6 5.5. This was completed over the course of two intense days to run through many test cases and show the results. Through all three FATs, webcams were utilized to enable the customer to see the process and ask pointed questions.

In light of current travel restrictions, Toptech is proud to be able to offer this option to our customers around the globe.


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