Continuous Improvement Is Embedded In Toptech’s DNA

Customers know that Toptech is focused on continuous improvement efforts for their solutions and internal processes. However, many don’t realize how embedded continuous improvement is within the company DNA. One example of this is the Leadership Caucus, a monthly gathering of Toptech managers to hone their craft as leaders.
Towards the end of each year, employees anonymously complete a survey that asks questions such as:

  1. Are you provided with proper training to do your job effectively? (Yes/No)
  2. My immediate supervisor provides me with timely and helpful feedback. (True/False)
  3. My immediate supervisor provides valuable career development coaching. (True/False)
  4. My immediate supervisor is committed to the success of the team. (True/False)

The 3rd party that administers the survey sends managers their report cards containing one averaged score per question. Each manager then evaluates their scores and meets with Toptech’s General Manager, Eric Gasvoda, to develop an action plan for improvement.

Gasvoda commented, “We source world-class talent and ask a lot of our team. It is our responsibility to them to provide world-class leadership. We constantly encourage employees to look for ways to improve user experience, internal efficiencies, product performance, etc. We must be willing to take that same magnifying glass to ourselves. Fortunately, our team of managers welcome anything that, ultimately, benefits their teams.”

With action plans in tow, each manager does deep research specific to improving their identified development areas. They then present their research and their plans for implementation at the Leadership Caucus. Through learning and engaging with each other’s’ findings, everyone can become a better leader. By the end of the year, each manager has presented in a team with others who share their development areas.

Among other things, presentations focus on items such as providing training opportunities for employees, career coaching, and team building. The Leadership Caucus began in 2015, contributing to Toptech’s high employee engagement scores which have been consistently above those of similar companies.

“Everyone is truly invested in being a better manager” said Alex Pearce, Director of the User Experience Office. “From increased technical training opportunities to improved communication, the positive effects of our efforts are seen throughout the company.”


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