10 Reasons Toptech Customers Choose to Standardize on Multiload

Flow control presets are one of the most important components of any fuel terminal. Multiload is a powerful preset offered by Toptech Systems and has been an industry favorite for many years. Fuel distribution companies around the world often evaluate the various options in the market and ultimately choose Multiload. Many times, their next step is to standardize on Multiload presets across their sites. Whether they gradually purchase Multiloads to replace their outdated units, or they immediately replace all presets, here are 10 reasons a company would make the decision to standardize.

  1. Customers know they will be able to receive new units and spare parts when they need them.

    Toptech Systems constantly monitors its inventory, evaluates vendors, and assesses manufacturing processes to ensure customers never have to wait months before getting what they need to run their business. In fact, delivery lead times for standard Multiload components are usually 1 week in North and South America and 3-4 weeks in the rest of the world.

  2. Customers know Multiload was created in-house, from conception to assembly.

    If problems ever occur, customer support is delivered in a timely manner by true subject matter experts. The Multiload support team has an average tenure of 10 years and their expertise of the entire Toptech product suite means customers receive holistic solutions rather than piecemeal attempts.

  3. Customers know they are receiving a quality product.

    The Multiload engineering team has an average tenure of 15 years, and they understand terminals need a rugged preset that will survive both Mother Nature and user error. Multiload goes through dozens of tests before entering the market and Toptech’s continuous improvement efforts ensure increased quality year over year.

  4. Drivers prefer Multiload.

    Multiload has easy to use, tactile keypads so loading is never slowed down by dirt and grime on the screen. Plus, Multiload can be used all over the world as it supports the display of English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Thai languages. In just the last few months, Multiload has been deployed in 10 different countries!

  5. Customers know Toptech is always investing in making the product even better.

    Powerful new features and product improvements are rolled out several times a year and firmware upgrades are always free and easily accessible. Customers can always download the latest firmware from toptech.com to benefit from the latest improvements.

  6. Customers know they are saving money.

    Multiload eliminates the need for additional blenders, smart injectors, presets, or PLCs. In addition, Multiload packages can grow with your facility, so customers can save with even the most complex setups.

  7. Customers want to avoid making drivers learn other interfaces.

    Standardizing on Multiload helps terminals minimize training time and simplifies their operations for the fastest load times and the fewest errors.

  8. Servicing and supporting Multiload is easy.

    Multiload units are designed with plenty of room inside the enclosure for wiring or field maintenance, if required. In addition, Multiload’s remote diagnostic capabilities enhance troubleshooting for external issues with field equipment. Plus, customers can prevent user error before it occurs by remotely accessing Multiload units to view driver inputs real-time, provide instruction, and take control, when necessary.

  9. Customers love using one product across their business.

    Multiload has powerful options for crude offloading skids, large terminals, and small bulk plants and works well for traditional fuels, alternate fuels, and chemical operations. Customers benefit by tracking their product through the same system at every stage, never worrying about missed transactions and inefficiencies due to manual processes.

  10. Multiload’s open protocol makes it easy for customers to benefit with various TAS, PLC, DCS systems and more.

    The flexible design enables it to be seamlessly connected to different equipment.

These are just 10 of the many reasons hydrocarbon and alternate fuels terminal companies choose Multiload at their locations around the world. Contact us for more information about Multiload and to learn how we can support a decision to standardize.

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